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Personal protection

Cash register cover (index: 16000)

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Dimensions and shape: any
(according to customer's design)

Material: PMMA or PET (material thickness to be agreed).

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Visor mask (index: 16001)

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Protective helmet.

Dimensions: 240x255 mm (W x H)

Material: PET film, self-adhesive Velcro, anti-slip foam.

The possibility of printing any place for an additional fee.

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Półprzyłbica (index: 16007)

Półprzyłbica do samodzielnego złożenia.

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Bardzo lekka i wygodna ochrona na usta i nos.<BR>Zapewnia ochronę oddychania, stanowi ochronę i barierę dla drobiny śliny.<BR>Zakładana na uszy za pomocą gumek.<BR>.Opakowanie zawiera: folię PET 0,3mm oraz pasek filcopodobny.<BR>Materiał może być dezynfekowany.<BR>PRODUKT POLSKI 100%

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Disinfectant dispenser stand (index: 16003)

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Base dimensions: 400x300 mm (W x H),
Total height of the stand: 1300 mm,
Metal structure, powder painted, color from the RAL palette to be agreed, with a place for packaging with disposable gloves or handkerchiefs, At the base there is a possibility to attach a basket for used gloves or handkerchiefs (the possibility of modifying the dimensions and shape of the wire attachment in the price), The upper element of the rack made of 4 mm of white acrylic glass
or completely made of sheet metal with the possibility of individual digital UV printing (e.g. network logotype or infographics about hand disinfection), Liquid container fixing element made of 4 mm transparent PET-G material in the case of a standing dispenser. Trays for dripping fluid residue to facilitate cleaning Before delivery, it is necessary to provide a dispenser pattern to adapt the mounting to the rack

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Marking foil (index: 16006)

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Soft PVC foil for marking.
Color: yellow / black.
50 mm wide
Material: soft PVC

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