KRJ Display

KRJ Display is a country leader among the manufactures and suppliers of extruded and bent foil scanning rails, acrylic glass products,
PVC and PET foil and other assortment used for constructing stands/displays.

We offer our clients a complex support without a neccessity to use services of cooperators.
It is possible thanks to our own plant, equipped in modern machinery and plastic processing devices.

We have a team of people with a long-standing experience at your disposal,which guarantees professional service.

As a solid and reliable partner, we provide high quality products, short production cycle, quick shipment and professional consulting.
Everything for a reasonable price, not aimed to boost profit, but in a long and systematic cooperation.

Our capabilities include:

•    Scanning rails extrusion (we have Battenfeld production lines at our disposal).
•    Hard plastic printing. We make our prints by: screen printing,
     wide format digital printing in solvent based inks and UV digital printing.
•    CNC milling, laser cutting (plastic processing).
•    Bending and processing of PVC foil and acrylic glass.


KRJ Display Sp. z o.o.
ul. Brunatna 40
62-510 Konin
NIP:    665 278 20 61

tel.     +48/ 63 244 01 59 
          +48/ 63 244 01 74
fax:    +48/ 63 244 20 90
mob.  +48/ 693 867 770
          +48/ 607 117 711

mail: biuro@krjdisplay.pl
mail: zamowienia@krjdisplay.pl

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